Train accident on Denmark bridge because of wind load

Six people have been killed and 16 others injured in a train accident on a bridge connecting two islands in Denmark, rail operator DSB has said. "We can confirm that six people are dead," a duty officer told AFP, as media reports said the roof of a cargo train blew off in heavy winds and... Continue Reading →

Vortex induced at High Rise Building

Wind load on high rise building are very complex, because of many aspects can effects the phenomenon. For instance: shape of the building, terrain around the building, vortex shedding, pressure fluctuation, etc. Wind flow around the building causes the building to oscillate, along wind, cross wind direction, and torsion. Then, vibration on high rise building... Continue Reading →

Wind load on Building

Wind load on building is a complex phenomenon because of the many flow situations arising from the interaction of wind and structures. Wind is composed of a varying sizes of eddies and rotational characteristics carried along in a general stream of air moving relative to eart’s surface. These eddies give wind its gusty or turbulent... Continue Reading →

Overview of Computational Fluid Dynamics Approaches

•Direct Numerical Simulation (DNS) –Theoretically, all turbulent (and laminar / transition) flows can be simulated by numerically solving the          full Navier-Stokes equations –Resolves the whole spectrum of scales. No modeling is required –But the cost is too prohibitive!  Not practical for industrial flows •Large Eddy Simulation (LES) type models –Solves the... Continue Reading →

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