Semi-active tuned mass dampers at Volgograd bridge to suppress vortex induced vibration

On May 20th, 2010, authorities closed the Volgograd Bridge to all motor traffic due to strong oscillations caused by windy conditions. Volgograd Bridge is a concrete girder bridge over the Volga River in the city of Volgograd, Russia. The bridge and adjacent flyovers are 2,514 m long. The bridge, which was inaugurated October 10, 2009... Continue Reading →

Structural and wind monitoring at long span bridge

Long-span bridges are one of the most useful transportation infrastructures to strengthen national unity and to support the development of strategic areas between regions.To ensure safety and comfort for long span bridge, the important technical aspect is the bridge resistance due to wind load.  A minor error in bridge construction can impact the whole structure... Continue Reading →

Vortex induced at High Rise Building

Wind load on high rise building are very complex, because of many aspects can effects the phenomenon. For instance: shape of the building, terrain around the building, vortex shedding, pressure fluctuation, etc. Wind flow around the building causes the building to oscillate, along wind, cross wind direction, and torsion. Then, vibration on high rise building... Continue Reading →

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