Finite Element Method

Finite element method (FEM) is based on the idea of building a complicated structural object with simple element , or dividing a complicated structural object into small and manageable pieces (like a puzzle). The application of finite element can be found everywhere in everyday life, as well as in engineering.  if you remember when you was... Continue Reading →

High Rise Building Vibration

Some of the causes of vibration that occurs in tall buildings. problems that most of us know is a vibration in buildings due to earthquake. but there are other causes that led to the building vibrate faster, this is caused by wind loads acting on the surface of the building.harmonic load due to wind can cause buildings to vibrate at a level of discomfort for the occupants of the building. many factors that affect the wind loading on tall buildings,including the shape of the building, the area where the building is in, and climate around the building. while the factors that affect a large vibration that occurs in the building except for the... Continue Reading →

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