Finite Element Method

Finite element method (FEM) is based on the idea of building a complicated structural object with simple element , or dividing a complicated structural object into small and manageable pieces (like a puzzle). The application of finite element can be found everywhere in everyday life, as well as in engineering.  if you remember when you was child you playing lego  and build some building, you playing puzzle this is the example of finite element method. but now the concept of  finite element method can be application for structural analysis.

Application of Finite Element in Engineering

  1. Mechanical/Aeronautics/Astronautics/Civil Engineering
  2. Structural static analysis (linear or non linear problem)
  3. Structural dynamic analysis  (linear or non linear problem)
  4. Thermal Analysis
  5. Biomechanics
  6. etc.

Available Commercial FEM Software :

  1. Msc Nastran (
  2. Msc Adams
  3. Ansys (
  4. abaqus (
  5. Ls-Dyna (
  6. Algor
  7. Cosmos
  8. etc.



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