Structural and wind monitoring at long span bridge

Long-span bridges are one of the most useful transportation infrastructures to strengthen national unity and to support the development of strategic areas between regions.To ensure safety and comfort for long span bridge, the important technical aspect is the bridge resistance due to wind load.  A minor error in bridge construction can impact the whole structure... Continue Reading →

Structure and Machine Natural Frequency

Every machine and structure has  natural frequencies . if machines and structures are designed correctly, these natural frequencies will not affect the operation or reliability of the machines. In reality, however, a wide variety of fault condition are either caused by, or are affected by natural frequencies. It really is important to  understand what they... Continue Reading →

High Rise Building Vibration

Some of the causes of vibration that occurs in tall buildings. problems that most of us know is a vibration in buildings due to earthquake. but there are other causes that led to the building vibrate faster, this is caused by wind loads acting on the surface of the building.harmonic load due to wind can cause buildings to vibrate at a level of discomfort for the occupants of the building. many factors that affect the wind loading on tall buildings,including the shape of the building, the area where the building is in, and climate around the building. while the factors that affect a large vibration that occurs in the building except for the... Continue Reading →

Vibration Measurement setup for Modal Testing

Soft suspense Soft suspense Charge & Conditioning amplifier for shaker Charge & Conditioning amplifier for accelerometer Shaker MSA/DSA Computer Accelerometer Power Amplifier  SG : Signal generator LC : load cell This setup is to measure Point FRF (Frequency Response Function) .  The excitation force provided by shaker and measured by a load cell that exist in the shaker and the vibration response will be read by the accelerometer (accelerometer sensor is used as to result in inertance and an... Continue Reading →

Why vibration is important?

In many ways people can expect to obtain an ideal machine viewed from the angle of vibration , which is a machine that produces no vibration at all. Such an ideal machine will greatly save energy because of all the energy given to the whole machine will be used to perform the work alone, whether pumping a fluid, compressing the air, crushing paper etc. Without generating by products in the form of vibration. Apparently it is very unlikely because in terms of machining is not possible to get a very homogeneous material, fabrication machines without residual imbalance (residual unbalance) and rotating machinery moving and moving back and forth that does not cause friction with the other part. What is then seen as a result of the onset... Continue Reading →

Vibration Application (Modal Testing)

Modal testing can be applied for several purposes, including: • Diagnostic tools Modal testing can be used as a tool for diagnosing a failure of the structure, by knowing the characteristics of dynamic  structure by using the modal testing, the modal testing can be known personally frequency of the structure, obtained when a big frequency change... Continue Reading →

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