Vibration Application (Modal Testing)

Modal testing can be applied for several purposes, including:
• Diagnostic tools
Modal testing can be used as a tool for diagnosing a failure of the structure, by knowing the characteristics of dynamic  structure by using the modal testing, the modal testing can be known personally frequency of the structure, obtained when a big frequency change in private with the initial condition of the structure is modeled using the method Finite element to obtain natural frequencies measured previously by way of modeling the damage that may occur in the structure. In this way we can diagnose structural damage that occurs.
Examples of damage diagnosis: Flutter on the aircraft, the chatter in machining processes, etc..

• Verification tools
One thing that is very important in designing the structure is to know the dynamic characteristics of the structure, to know we can use modal testing experimentally. With the experimental testing  can be known natural frequency, damping structure, and mode shape of vibration, this parameter is used as verification data generated by modeling the structure using the finite element method. Modeling with finite element can be modified such that the result resembles the results of modal testing experimental.Having verified the finite element model with data experimental then if there are minor modifications to the design of the structure of need not be experimental modal testing to determine the dynamic characteristics of the structure but simply by modifying the finite element model has been verified, this will save you the cost of product development. This can be done for model updating. moreover modal testing  can be used to verify that the product is conformed to the standards that apply or not.

• Optimization tools
In the design phase of the optimization process is needed in order to get a product that excels in all areas. modal testing can be used as a tool in the design optimization process. With a modal testing we can find out whether the damping, vibration, fatigue life of a structure meets the design criteria, if not it is necessary to redesign and perform finite element analysis to get a modal of parameters that meet the criteria or modifications performed on a prototype to get a better product.
One example is to perform sensitivity analysis that is if we make minor modifications to the structure then we can know personally frequency change is dominated by the rigidity or the mass of the structure.


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