Why vibration is important?

In many ways people can expect to obtain an ideal machine viewed from the angle of vibration , which is a machine that produces no vibration at all. Such an ideal machine will greatly save energy because of all the energy given to the whole machine will be used to perform the work alone, whether pumping a fluid, compressing the air, crushing paper etc. Without generating by products in the form of vibration.
Apparently it is very unlikely because in terms of machining is not possible to get a very homogeneous material, fabrication machines without residual imbalance (residual unbalance) and rotating machinery moving and moving back and forth that does not cause friction with the other part.
What is then seen as a result of the onset of engine vibrations, is nothing but the result of abnormal circumstances such as  bolts slackness, engine parts, wear faster, become misaligned shafts, rotor unbalance, etc. into. Conditions mentioned above will raise the dissipation energy  because of vibration, causing resonance, and dynamic loads on the bearings. Cause and effect that occurs so will cause the machine immediately leads to damage (break down) which causes the engine to be shut down or automatically shut itself down because of the protection on the electrical system or its instrumentation.
A design and manufacturing excellent machine is trying to minimize imprecision such that get machines that level of vibration is very small (fine). A consequence is the price of the machine will be more expensive than machine level imprecision ”mediocre”. Even such machines .for sometimes can not be exported out of state as a result an advantage because it has a strategic impact; politics and national security.

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