Vibration Measurement setup for Modal Testing

Vibration Measurement Setup
  1. Soft suspense
  2. Soft suspense
  3. Charge & Conditioning amplifier for shaker
  4. Charge & Conditioning amplifier for accelerometer
  5. Shaker
  6. MSA/DSA
  7. Computer
  8. Accelerometer
  9. Power Amplifier
  10.  SG : Signal generator
  11. LC : load cell

This setup is to measure Point FRF (Frequency Response Function) .  The excitation force provided by shaker and measured by a load cell that exist in the shaker and the vibration response will be read by the accelerometer (accelerometer sensor is used as to result in inertance and an accelerometer placed under and in line with the shaker because they want to know the point FRF). The signal from the accelerometer and load cell passed on to  the  conditioning  charge  amplifier to be strengthening. Once the signal has been amplified into MSA / DSA processed simultaneously for the next process is synchronization with existing software on the computer to display the results of FRF (frequency response  function) measurements. . Soft suspension is used to view the rigid body motion of the structure.


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